Is it possible to make money from selling prepaid airtime or data?

Sell Bulk Airtime Vodacom, MTN, Cell C without our Bulk Airtime software

One way of making money from airtime is by selling it directly to customers. It might seem obvious, but people buy a lot of prepaid airtime, all of the time, so it might be easier to make money than you think. If you sell it smartly, it might even add immeasurable value to your business.

The demand for airtime is high – and this will continue to grow – as airtime is readily used by a large percentage of the South African population. Airtime as an offering might even draw additional and unexpected customers to your business or through your door.

Additionally, airtime could be used to up-sell certain products or services that you already offer. For example, if a specific product or service you are offering is not selling at the desired speed, airtime of a certain value might be offered alongside the identified product or service. If the overall package you offer is highly desirable, customers are likely to buy more of the item on offer if it gets them a bundle deal.

Our straight-through automated processes allow you to pay, order and receive airtime at any time of the day or night, from any location. This means your customers could be shopping anywhere, anytime, and enjoy the benefits of airtime from engaging with your products or services. We can confidently say that airtime is a proven tool that can generate more money for your business either directly or indirectly.

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