What can airtime/data be used for - from a business perspective?

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Have you ever wondered “What more could be done?” or “How can I add more value to my business?” Airtime could be the answer you seek.

Airtime, which can easily be converted into data, can be used in the following ways to boost revenue:

  1. Airtime can be sold directly to clients to generate income.
  2. Airtime can be sold as an added value product to easily increase the consumer's basket.
  3. Airtime/data can be used as a reward/loyalty system program.
  4. Airtime/data can also be a marketing tool where airtime is used as a drawcard.

Airtime, as an income stream, has several distribution solutions. Some of these are based on more traditional methods such as the printed vouchers that can be sold and handed directly to the client.

This type of distribution might be suitable for vendors, general trader and café style businesses. A more convenient approach, however, for businesses with a point-of-sale set-up aimed at increasing the customer's basket would be to sell airtime at the till point areas. Pinned vouchers could be ordered at till points through the POS system as the requested airtime/data vouchers can be printed then and there on the till slip.

For charities and organizations, who would like to gain additional revenue, boost their brand image, and gain some market exposure, they might be interested in our customized white labeled branded websites.

From these sites, your clients could be registered under your brand and then trade on your platform – your clients will thus have a direct trading experience with your brand every time they buy airtime from your website. For an even greater reach and distribution, airtime tokens can be passed on through SMS tokens to recharge one’s phone with the requested network value.

Organizations can also use system integration (API, Application Program Interface) to sell, reward or market airtime to their clients. This API interface is easy, instant, secure and reliable. With API, airtime uses and possibilities are endless and at the will of your creativity - ready to be wielded as you wish.

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